The standings in the fantasy league will be updated on or before the following dates:

  • Sunday, 17 May (as at 9 May) ... sorry for the delay! 52 Teams to enter into the spreadsheet!! Jean Galsworthy takes an early lead thanks to the Middlesex connection - Overseas, Murtagh and Udal.
  • Monday, 22 June (as at 21 June) ... it's all change at the top! Leigh Jones moves up from fourth to take the lead, J Browning leaps up from ninth to second, while Chris Stoneman, who was eighth, is now third; but there's still a long way to go (the Webmaster writes hopefully - for he's dropped to 51st!).
  • Monday, 20 July (as at 18 July). Change of plan... scores as at 25 July ... well, he's been there before, now he's here again, albeit for the first time this summer - Andy Woodhouse leads the pack, but Anthony Earl in second spot has charged 14 places up the table since the standings were last calculated.
  • Sunday, 16 August (as at 15 August) ... Chris Stoneman and Jean Galsworthy's teams both fight back, but not enough to knock Andy Woodhouse off top spot. Looking a bit further down the table, Trevor Wingate's Fat Chance have moved up seven places since 18 July to give themselves a pretty decent chance.
  • Monday, 7 September (as at 6 September) ... The top three are unchanged, although Jean Galsworthy has leapfrogged Chris Stoneman. But still out front it's Andy Woodhouse - will the winning team be one the few without Mark Ramprakash in it for the second year running?
  • Sunday, 27 September (final standings) ... Grahame Cove's team had a storming last few weeks of the season, but, in truth, Andy Woodhouse almost had enough points to win the title when the scores were calculated at the beginning of September. At that stage Andy had 519.5 points. The final margin to his nearest challenger, Jean Galsworthy, was a massive 66.6 points. Congratulations Mr Woodhouse, but thank you to everyone who took part this year.

1 Andy Woodhouse The Silver Blankeys 611.96
2 Jean Galsworthy Rosebery Ramblers 545.36
3 Trevor Wingate Fat Chance CC 543.63
4 Chris Stoneman N A B Z Forever 535.13
5 Grahame Cove RichardDoughtyJimmyKnott 528.70
6 Chris Keene Keene As Mustard 527.96
7 Paul Blake Blakey's Eleven 526.66
8 Anthony Earl ACE XI 525.20
9 Vic Faulkner Vic's Young Bucks 521.06
10 Tricia Garrard Nobagsnofagsnowine 509.76
11 Tracey Field Time For Tea 492.03
12 J Browning Roy Hodgson's Fan Club 489.50
13 Doug Minde Dougie's Wonders 489.13
14 Thomas Earl Good Weather Stopped Play 488.73
15 Sarah Atkins The Credit Crunchers 479.93
16 Paul Witney Sunbury Blues 479.83
17 Mike Jackson Jacko's Bunch 479.73
18 Leigh Jones Coaches Galore 479.30
19 Ann Millington-Jones Liquorice Allsorts 476.13
20 Ron Mills Bridge House Stompers 470.60
21 Chris Payne Theakston's Old Peculiars 470.03
22 Jim Forrest Forrest Fires 463.66
23 Barry Kitcherside Limpsfield Blurs 459.30
24 John Stephens The Weary Bankers 454.50
25 Brian Cowley Ruislip Ramblers 454.03
26 Phil Garrard I Can't Adams And Eve It 451.33
27 Michael Wright One Step Beyond 450.66
28 Michael Greensmith Blackway Allstars 446.83
29 Mark Smith Mountain Madness CC 440.80
30 Bill Bateman Fulham Phoenix 435.40
31 A J Raisborough Runsgalore 434.96
32 Don Atkins Rectory Eleven 431.26
33 R H Budden Surrey Super Stars 430.53
34 Nick Wheeler Scorpions 430.30
35 Ann Atkins Rectory 2nd Eleven 429.30
36 John W Lofts Oval Diamonds 428.86
37 Alistair Gordon Alistair's Allstars 426.03
38 Roger Hudson The Wild Rovers 425.86
39 Bob Parsons Ever Hopefulls 424.26
40 Stella Mills Sporting Chance 423.43
41 Rob Lewis Vital Bother 412.33
42 Marcus Hook Team Of The Universe 407.43
43 David Woolf Summerset 406.46
44 M Shaw Lukesmile 398.73
45 A E Ratcliff Beckworth Ryse CC 393.36
46 Derek Biscoe The Grasshoppers 392.53
47 Martin Somerton Doom & Gloom's Winners 387.80
48 Dave Taylor Hot Chocolates 385.06
49 Les Brewin Dining At Its Best 378.06
50 Matt Cleverly Heroes & Villains 365.63
51 Dick Cleverly Ascot Rebels 323.53
52 Dave Pearce Dave's Winners 250.73

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