Monday, 24 April - With three rounds of Champo games inked into the scorebook, it's Marc Percival (winner of the OWFCL in 2019) who's taken an early lead, closely followed by Paul Blake, Bob Bayliss and Richard Budden. Two more previous champions, Andy Woodhouse and Chris Keene, lie fifth and sixth respectively. Good men to have at the moment are Somerset's Lewis Gregory (22.1 points), plus Middlesex's Ryan Higgins and Gloucestershire's Tom Price (19.6 apiece).

Monday, 8 May - We have a change of leader - with Richard Budden up from fourth to first - and just 2.2 points separating the top three! Paul Blake remains second, but a equal second with Marc Percival. My side has sparked into life a bit, swapping 15th spot for ninth. The form players aren't anyone we haven't heard of - Lewis Gregory (who has notched up 28.2 points), Ryan Higgins (25.7), Tim van der Gugten (25.0), Chris Rushworth (23.4), Ben Raine (21.2) and Chris Wright (21.2).

Monday, 22 May - We have another change of front-runner! Fred Sworder, Gary Saxby and William Summerlin have bombed forward from 8th, 15th and 12th respectively to take over at the head of proceedings. Richard Budden has swapped first for fourth, while Paul Blake is now fifth and Harry Rowe sixth. Having said all that, there's still everything to play for with just 18.5 points covering the top fourteen. Ryan Higgins (36.4 points) is now the highest scoring pick, followed by Tim van der Gugten (34.7) and Matty Potts (33.4).

Monday, 3 July - Marc Percival returns the top, swapping 8th for the number one spot. William Summerlin is up from 3rd for 2nd. We also have a joint third - Fred Sworder and Harry Rowe, while yours truly is now 5th. But just 13 points separates 2nd and 8th. Ben Raine (46.6 points) takes over as the most productive player you have have in your squad, followed by Tim van der Gugten (44.4), Jordan Clark (41.0) and Joe Leach (40.8).

Friday, 14 July - Fred Sworder has wrestled back the lead, which means Marc Percival now finds himself second, William Summerlin third, while Rhys Benjamin and I are joint fourth. But, still, there's precious little in it with a difference of just 30 points covering 1st to Bob Bayliss in 13th. The top five ranked players are now Durham's Ben Raine (49.6 points), Durham's Matty Potts (47.3), Notts' Brett Hutton (46.4), Middlesex's Ryan Higgins (46.4) and Surrey's Jordan Clark (46.3).

Tuesday, 1 August - At the risk of sounding like a broken record... the lead has changed hands YET AGAIN, with William Summerlin moving into pole position for the first time this season; which means Fred Sworder goes down a peg (to second), likewise Marc Percival (from second to third). Could Fred Rowe - who has swapped ninth for fifth since last time - be the dark horse over the four remaining rounds of the Champo? Time will tell. For now, though, the five best performing picks are Brett Hutton (58.4), Ben Raine (57.9), Ryan Higgins (55.9), Jordan Clark (55.8) and Matty Potts (55.8).

Thursday, 14 September - With only a couple of weeks left to go, things could hardly be tighter with just 15.7 points separating Marc Percival in first place and Fred Rowe in fifth. But in terms of the leading pack, the top seven were also in the top seven at the start of August. Notts' Brett Hutton (65.2) remains the shrewdest pick, however Hampshire's Liam Dawson (63.9) and Lancashire's Tom Bailey (63.3) have come from almost nowhere to claim to be the next best. Ryan Higgins is fourth and Matty Potts fifth.

Saturday, 30 September - The closest fought OW fantasy league ever ends with an equally close finish, with William Summerlin crossing the line just ahead of yours truly, Marc Percival, the two Freds and Paul Blake. Although William's 547.2 points proved to be enough, the optimum affordable eleven for 2023 would have racked up a total of 702.5, and here it is: Batters - AZ Lees (Dur), JJ Bohannon (Lan), KS Carlson (Gla) and JL du Plooy (Der); Wicketkeeper - JEK Rew (Som); Batting all-rounder - LA Dawson (Ham); Bowling all-rounders - RF Higgins (Mid) and BA Raine (Dur); Bowlers - TE Bailey (Lan), BA Hutton (Not) and MJ Potts (Dur). Thanks to everyone who took part, winter well and bring on next season!


1 William Summerlin Rob Key's Voicemail XI 547.2
2 Marcus Hook Sorrento Sunshine XI 543.0
3 Marc Percival Marcís Magicians 539.8
4 Fred Sworder Swordershire Casuals 534.2
5 Fred Rowe Midsummer Murtagh 533.4
6 Paul Blake Blakeys 528.8
7 Alex Easdale Wotcha Fletcha 520.1
8 Luke Robison Alcuin CC 517.7
9 Rhys Benjamin The Batty Boys 514.0
10 Andy Woodhouse Mr Rogers Neighbourhood XI 511.3
11 Anthony Earl ACE XI 509.6
12 Roderick Easdale Worth The Waite 506.2
13 Richard Budden Surrey Stars 506.2
14 Tom Earl Tom's Titans (Sponsored by Hula Hoops) 503.0
15 Gary Saxby Gazsax 501.1
16 Chris Eades PIFCO 496.8
17 Harry Rowe Cider Not Cidre 493.8
18 Bob Bayliss Jackers 484.4
19 Simon Hemsley South London Visigoths 482.1
20 Paul Trumble Cream Of The Crease XXI 476.0
21 Don Rosendale Roy To The Rescue 474.0
22 Tracey Field Tea Stops Play 468.4
23 Stuart Watson The Mere Lees 458.0
24 Adam Munro Got The Runs, Yet Again 455.0
25 Ray Armfield Who's Surrey Now 445.8
26 Anthony Vidler The Purley Pinch Hitters 431.2
27 Chris Keene Keene As Mustard 429.0
28 David Keeley Keeley's Sloggers 372.9
29 Keith Burley Royal Berks 318.7

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