Tuesday, 1st May - 48 teams this year, which is the most we've had since 2009. Maybe it's a case of beginner's luck, but the early leader and nearest challenger - Stuart Watson (121.3 points) and Roderick Easdale (119.3) - are both "newbies" to the Oval World fantasy. What's more, there's another fresh face in fourth: Daniel Lumby, who has named his side That's All Foakes; thus giving rise to an OWFCL first, with two teams sharing the same name (well, when you've got Ben Foakes in your squad and you need to come up with a label...). To those of you who have made a slow start, take heart - there's plenty more water to pass under the bridge before this year's title is decided.

Tuesday, 15th May - I'm stunned, genuinely. Top of the league with 193.3 points! I'll take that, but, don't worry, it can't last! Meanwhile, Roderick Easdale (191.0) holds on to second place, the never-to-be under-estimated Rob Lewis (winner in 2015) moves up from 8th to third and Stuart Watson remains in touch, despite leading after the first three rounds of championship matches.

Wednesday, 13th June - Sorrento Sunshine remain top, but, again, their lead is only a slender one; this time heading into the two rounds of championship matches prior to the T20 break. Chris Eades's Balanced Solutions have swapped fifth place for 2nd while Rob Lewis's Surrey-by-Sea hold on to 3rd. Notable progress, since the scores were last calculated, has been made by Paul Blake's team, who have advanced seven places to 10th. With just 44 points between 15th and 40th, the middle of the table is looking somewhat congested.

Wednesday, 29th June - Just as I promised six weeks ago, my side has relinquished top billing. Chris Eades now takes over in pole position, pursued by Stuart Watson and Rob Lewis. Meanwhile, William Summerlin has moved up from 7th to fifth and Tracey Field's team - Tea Stops Play, who were 19th but are now 12th - has started to motor at long last. With the T20 Blast occupying most of the coming both, that's the way things will remain, for a time.

Thursday, 26th July -

Thursday, 23rd August -

Tuesday, 4th September -

Friday, 14th September -

Final Standings -

STANDINGS as at June 29

1 Chris Eades Balanced Solutions 302.5
2 Stuart Watson Kolpakalypse Now 299.0
3 Rob Lewis Surrey-by-Sea 298.2
4 Marcus Hook Sorrento Sunshine XI 291.3
5 William Summerlin For Whom Ian Bell Tolls 279.1
6 Andy Woodhouse Sir Keith Park XI 278.0
7 Marc Percival Marc's Magicians 273.3
8 Roderick Easdale Third Man 260.9
9 Paul Blake Blakey's Team 260.3
10 Daniel Lumby That's All Foakes 250.0
11 Anthony Vidler The Purley Pinch Hitters 248.1
12 Tracey Field Tea Stops Play 247.9
13 Alistair Gordon Cricketmans Squad 247.8
14 Adam Munro The New New Yorker 240.5
15 Alex Easdale With Hainous Zyl And Glee 239.0
16 Paul Jeater No Quick Singles 238.9
17 Nick Blyth Basil Brushers 238.2
18 Luke Robison Alcuin CC 236.6
19 Lewis Winter Winter Wonderland 233.5
20 Jean Galsworthy Rosebery Ramblers 232.1
21 Mark Smith Mountain Madness CC 228.4
22 Hanna Frostman Don't Mention The Waugh 227.7
23 Chris Keene Keene As Mustard 219.1
24 Jamie Dowling Cherry Pie Cowboys 214.0
25 David Jenkins That's All Foakes 213.4
26 Thomas Earl Thomas’ XV 213.1
27 Chris Stoneman Albezanaan 2018 211.3
28 Anthony Earl ACE XI 211.0
29 Alan Jenkins Vauxhall & Ireland 209.0
30 Nick Robinson Comeontheree 207.8
31 Albert Ratcliff Bertie's Bash Hits 206.8
32 Michael Shaw Surreylion 205.4
33 Harry Rowe Cider Not Cidre 203.3
34 Don Rosendale Glad All Over 201.7
35 Joseph Glen Red Ink 200.4
36 Fred Rowe Cider With Rosie 199.2
37 Leslie Young SurreyLeslie 196.2
38 Ray Armfield Who's Surrey Now? 195.8
39 Paul Trumble Cream Of The Crease III 194.3
40 Ed Wrigley Fred And Bea Are So Sweet 189.5
41 Harjot Sidhu Singing In The Rey-n 189.4
42 Brian Cowley Ruislip Ramblers 188.1
43 Fred Sworder Swordershire Casuals 176.0
44 Simon Hemsley South London Visigoths 168.5
45 Richard Budden Surrey Stars 163.9
46 Colin Bayly Umpires Call 136.1
47 Keith Burley Royal Berks 135.8
48 Ian Minors Let's Get Physical 114.1

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