Monday, 15th April - The first set of scores are out at long last (apologies for the delay, but my main PC unexpectedly threw in the towel) and they show William Summerlin grabbing an initial lead, followed by Paul Blake; while Andy Woodhouse and Mark Percival are also very much in touch. Don't forget, the transfer window closes at 11am on 14th May, so make sure you email your changes to marcushook64@gmail.com before then.

Friday, 24th May - Paul Blake's CACC LUFC SCCC leapfrogs William Summerlin's Fresh Tactical Dimension at the head of affairs. Meanwhile, Stuart Watson and Anthony Vidler have top four billing for the first time this season, following the transfer window; shuffling Andy Woodhouse and Marc Percival down to fifth and six respectively.

Friday, 7th June - The lead changes hands again! Mark Percival (who finished 8th last year) now finds himself out in front, with a near five-point advantage over Stuart Watson, who was fourth in 2018 and has been there or thereabouts this term. Like Stuart's team, Anthony Vidler's has moved up one place. That's the top three, but the two biggest movers, in terms of points, since the May 24 calculation were Rob Lewis (88.1 points seeing his side swap 12th for sixth) and Chris Keene (up from 16th to 11th).

Friday, 21st June - As it's a case of "as you were" for the top four, maybe things starting to assume an air of certainty (much like Somerset's march towards the County Championship title). Actually, no, because there's just 0.38 of a point between the table topping Marc's Magicians and the second-placed Mandatory Reselection. Will it be a two-horse race? The chasing pack down to yours truly in 7th will still fancy their chances, but luck with injuries could play a big part. For the record, the three highest points-scoring teams since the last update were: 64.2 points - Curse These Metal Hands, 62.2 - Mandatory Reselection and 57.8 - Sorrento Sunshine XI.

Friday, 5th July - Stuart Watson has taken over at top and has a slender 8.75-point lead over Marc Percival. Apart from Anthony Vidler, who is holding firm in third, there's been some real jockeying for position between fourth and thirteenth. The main beneficiaries since June 21 have been Harry Rowe (up from 9th to 4th), Fred Rowe (who has swapped 12th for 6th) and Nick Blyth (13th last time, but now up to 9th).

Friday, 19th July - It remains a two-horse contest going into the break for the Vitality T20 Blast, but Mandatory Reselection's advantage over Marc's Magicians is down to 2.7 points (trimmed from 8.8). Sir Keith Park XI now occupy third spot (up from 7th). Basil Brushers have risen from 9th to fourth, while, completing the top five, CACC LUFC SCCC drop one place. In terms of the most significant points increases since July 5, Adam Munro's Rhodes Less Travelled advanced by 105.4 points, and no less staggering were the spurts put in by Tracey Field's Tea Stops Play (97.2 points) and Anthony Earl's ACE XI (93.5 points).

Tuesday, 27th August - 

Friday, 20th September - 

Final Standings - 

STANDINGS as at July 19

1 Stuart Watson Mandatory Reselection 479.8
2 Mark Percival Marc's Magicians 477.1
3 Andy Woodhouse Sir Keith Park XI 459.0
4 Nick Blyth Basil Brushers 454.5
5 Paul Blake CACC LUFC SCCC 453.7
6 Fred Rowe Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Tresco 450.1
7 Anthony Vidler The Purley Pinch Hitters 449.7
8 Harry Rowe Marcus & Harry: Our Story 447.2
9 Steven Macleod Do You Con(or Mc)Kerr? 438.8
10 Rob Lewis Surrey-By-Sea 438.0
11 Chris Keene Keene As Mustard 431.9
12 Marcus Hook Sorrento Sunshine XI 429.5
13 Anthony Earl ACE XI 425.6
14 William Summerlin Fresh Tactical Dimension 419.1
15 Ray Armfield Who's Surrey Now? 411.5
16 Daniel Lumby Samits Gotta Give 407.9
17 Chris Eades Fibrax 404.5
18 Alex Easdale Cooky With Gas 401.3
19 Tom Rennie Curse These Metal Hands 401.1
20 Michael Shaw Surreylion 392.5
21 Adam Munro Rhodes Less Travelled 392.0
22 Roderick Easdale By Hook Or By Cook 390.1
23 Tracey Field Tea Stops Play 388.2
24 Chris Dales Curran Affairs 380.6
25 Alistair Gordon Cricketman's Squad 376.1
26 Fred Sworder Swordershire Casuals 371.8
27 Ian Woollatt The Pink Protectors 363.8
28 Alan Jenkins Vauxhall & Ireland 360.8
29 Simon Hemsley South London Visigoths 358.9
30 Jamie Dowling Cherry Pie Chuckers 354.5
31 Richard Budden Surrey Stars 354.0
32 Albert Ratcliff Bertie's Bash Hits 340.0
33 Don Rosendale Glad All Over 334.3
34 Hanna Dowling Mustard And Onions 332.9
35 Rhys Benjamin The Batty Boys 299.2
36 Chris Stoneman Albezanaan 290.9
37 Harjot Sidhu Singh-ing In The Rey-n 288.1
38 Thomas Earl Thomas XI 284.8
39 Nick Robinson Comeontheree 267.5
40 Keith Burley Royal Berks 261.3
41 Gregory Mumford The Pigeon Blockers Xl 257.7
42 Paul Trumble Cream Of The Crease IV 233.5

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