Tuesday, 25th April - Possible calls of "fix" already, with two Surrey CCC Supporters' Club committee members in the top three. Club secretary, Simon Hemsley has seen his side exit the traps the quickest, thanks mainly to the only two Surrey players in his squad - Tom Curran and Mark Stoneman. Brian Cowley's key performers are Jordan Clark and Stephen Parry, both of Lancashire. Should Clark and Parry have big seasons in the championship, Brian could take some catching since both are only in two squads.

Tuesday, 30th May - It's now a case of Mark Percival's Magicians and Paul Trumble's Cream Of The Crease breathing down the necks of Simon Hemsley's Visigoths. The former's team have racked up 73 points in the last month - ten more than the next best during the same period - Richard Budden's Surrey Stars, who swap 20th spot for 7th. Another significant mover is Thomas Earl's XI who have risen from 15th to sixth.

Tuesday, 13th June - Now that Brian Cowley's Ruislip Ramblers have really started to pick up their feet, this year's fantasy is looking as if it will be a two-horse race between Brian and Simon Hemsley, the man he knocked off the top spot. Mark Percival drops from 2nd to 3rd - eight points or so off contention. But that's the same amount as separates the next four, which includes Jamie Dowling's Cherry Pie Chuckers who scored the second highest number of points (70.9) in the first two weeks of June to Brian Cowley's team, who notched up an impressive 80.9.

Thursday, 13th July (includes England v South Africa, 1st Test) - Andy Woodhouse becomes the third league leader in as many updates. 11th at the first, 9th at the second and 6th at the third, our man from the Isle Of Wight has risen, like cream, to the top. For consistency, look no further than Brian Cowley, who has been ever present in the top five. That said, after a slow start, Mark Percival can boast top three billing for each of the last three updates. What seems incredibly odd is that, by dividing the Champo season into seven, the next one won't be until the start of September!

Friday, 1st September (includes England v West Indies, 2nd Test) - Sir Keith Park remain top and break through the 400 barrier, but a ranking of 15th in the mid-July to late August sector has seen Sorrento Sunshine XI (74 points in the sector), Last Minute (74 points) and Surreyleslie (80) draw closer by moving up to 2nd, 3rd and 6th respectively. Completing the top six picture are Thomas Earl and Brian Cowley.

Saturday, 16th September (includes England v West Indies, 3rd Test) - Andy Woodhouse is still the man to catch, but his team Sir Keith Park have a 28-point advantage over its nearest challengers. Nick Blyth, Thomas Earl and Brian Cowley have all leapfrogged yours truly; otherwise it remains the same top five. Since the scores were last calculated, the form teams belong to Luke Robison (64 points), Albert Ratcliff (61) and Neil Holmes (60). For all three, however, it looks like a case of coming too late in the day to make a difference.

Final Standings -

STANDINGS as at 16th September

1 Andy Woodhouse Sir Keith Park XI 462.1
2 Nick Blyth Last Minute XI 434.0
3 Thomas Earl Thomas XI 432.0
4 Brian Cowley Ruislip Ramblers 427.8
5 Marcus Hook Sorrento Sunshine XI 426.9
6 Simon Hemsley South London Visigoths CC 419.8
7 Mark Percival Marc's Magicians 417.5
8 Leslie Young Surreyleslie 408.0
9 Nick Robinson Comeontheree 407.2
10 Chris Keene Keene As Mustard 403.0
11 Rob Lewis Surrey-by-Sea 402.9
12 Albert Ratcliff Bertie's Bash Hits 401.4
13 Luke Robison Robison Royals 394.0
14 Graham Klaka Ewell Hussars 392.6
15 Jamie Dowling Cherry Pie Chuckers 387.9
16 Paul Jeater No Quick Singles 385.1
17 Keith Buley Royal Berks 382.7
18 Victoria Earl IC XI 382.3
19 Paul Trumble Cream Of The Crease 2 378.3
20 Adam Munro Beddingtonshire 375.0
21 Hanna Frostman Don't Mention The Waugh 371.6
22 Richard Budden Surrey Stars 371.5
23 Anthony Earl ACE XI 370.7
24 Mark Smith Mountain Madness CC 368.9
25 Alistair Gordon Cricketman's Squad 367.1
26 Tim Redman Redders Rangers 363.7
27 Paul Blake Blakey's Eleven 361.7
28 Chris Munro FFCSCCC 350.1
29 Tracey Field Over Cow Corner 349.9
30 Roger Hudson The Wild Rovers 2017 339.2
31 Anthony Vidler Tony's On Fire 338.1
32 James Rolles Skeletor Select XI 330.1
33 Chris Eades Avalco 318.8
34 Don Rosendale Glad All Over 311.3
35 Neil Holmes Surrey Posh 302.4
36 Colin Bayly They Think It's All Over 289.8
37 Jean Galsworthy Rosebery Ramblers 285.9
38 Mike Jackson Jacko's Bunch 277.5
39 Chris Stoneman Albezanaan 2017 242.6

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