The standings in the fantasy league will be updated on or before the following dates:

  • Sunday 9th May (as at 8th May) ... Thelston takes the early lead, and some lead at that - 23.3 points ahead of his nearest rival Dave Taylor. Jean Galsworthy's Rosebery Ramblers lie third with 159.8.
  • Thursday 3rd June (as at 2nd June) ... Thelsty still holds top spot, but up from 11th to 2nd comes Chris Stoneman's Banza Forever, while Tony Raisborough's team stays in the top five by moving up a couple of places.
  • Sunday 11th July (as at 10th July) ... It's the same top two, except they've swapped places. Chris Stoneman's side pulling out a 5.5 point advantage over Chris Payne's Old Peculiars. Also underlining that little has changed all of the teams in the top seven were in the top seven at the start of June.
  • Sunday 8th August (as at 7th August) ... Chris Stoneman holds on to the top spot, but Chris Payne drops another place to third following Brian Cowley's Ruislip Ramblers' surge up the table. Vic Faulker's team has also hit a rich vein of form, swapping ninth spot for fourth.
  • Saturday 4th September (as at 3rd September) ... Same top three, but Thelston Payne re-takes pole position by swapping places with Chris Stoneman. The most significant mover in the last four weeks is Jean Galsworthy's team, who have risen from 8th to 4th. Meanwhile, at the foot of the table, Marcus Hook - the league commissioner - has moved up a couple of places to 37th!
  • Sunday 19th September (final standings) ... What a finish! Taking the lead for the first time in the campaign, and when it mattered most, Brian Cowley's Ruislip Ramblers end the season with their noses in front. Just 0.8 of a point separated first and second place. Hard luck to Chris Payne, whose team was always there or thereabouts. David Barker's Comics put in a late charge to share sixth place, but in the last furlong of the summer the top five stayed ahead of the chasing pack.


1 Brian Cowley Ruislip Ramblers 602.1
2 Chris Payne Theakston's Old Peculiars 601.3
3 Chris Stoneman Banza Forever 589.8
4 Jean Galsworthy Rosebery Ramblers 568.6
5 Dave Taylor Hot Chocolates 551.5
6= David Barker Comics 544.5
6= Barry Chrysanthou-Toms Barry's 20-10 Hopefulls 544.5
8 Vic Faulkner Vic's Young Bucks 544.2
9 Paul Witney Sunbury Blues 541.8
10 A E Ratcliff Bertie's Bash Hits 539.3
11 Tony Raisborough Ishouldbesolucky 537.0
12 Bob Parsons Ever Hopefuls 517.1
13 John Flatley The Sole Judges 514.1
14 Anthony Earl ACE XI 509.8
15 Rob Lewis Oval The Bars… 509.3
16 Chris Levitt The Mottley Crew 502.0
17 Richard Budden Surrey Stars 501.9
18 Doug Minde Dougie's Wonders 2010 500.6
19 Alistair Gordon Alistair's Allstars 499.0
20 Michael Greensmith Blackway Allstars 2010 492.8
21 Andy Woodhouse The Silver Blankeys 491.8
22 Mick Shaw Lukesmile 487.6
23 Nick Robinson Come On The Ree 487.0
24 Mike Jackson Jacko Bunch 483.0
25 Chris Keene Keene As Mustard 479.1
26 Graham Hill Tavernier Towne 477.4
27 Tracey Field Perfect Picnic 474.5
28 Colin Bayly Free George Davis 469.0
29 Paul Blake Blakey's Eleven 460.5
30 Ann Millington-Jones Liquorice Allsorts 452.5
31 Paul Stedman Stedders Corinthians 451.0
32 Leigh Jones Coaches Galore 442.5
33 Nigel Sharp Strictly Cricket 438.1
34 Thomas Earl It's Not Their Fault 437.5
35 Grahame Cove GeoffArnoldLong 435.9
36 Marcus Hook Depeche Modi 435.3
37 Mark Smith Mountain Madness 425.2
38 N Wheeler Waiverers 424.2
39 Roger Hudson The Wild Rovers 421.9
40 Michael Wright The Bitter End 419.0
41 Sarah Atkins The Hash Browns 400.5
42 David Pearce Stars And Woodbees 388.2
43 Vanessa Ellis Nessie & Dave's Dream Team 365.8
44 Bill Bateman Tribute To John-Boy 357.9

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