Tuesday 10 May (as at 8 May) - Blimey I'm ninth - can the season end now?! But seriously... Mick Shaw takes the early lead, a full 10 points ahead of his nearest rival, who is last year's winner Brian Cowley. David Barker makes up the leading trio.
Friday 3 June (as at 2 June, including 1st Test v Sri Lanka)
- It's almost a case of all change at the top with just three teams holding on to a place in the top seven. David Barker and Mick Shaw swap berths, but now, sandwiched snuggly in-between, at two, is last summer's runner-up Chris Payne. Predictably, the league manager's side has found its level... at 17th spot!
Monday 4 July (as at 3 July, including 3rd Test v Sri Lanka)
- David Barker is still in possession of the number one spot, but Bill Bateman - who climbs five places - has shaved David's lead to just 2.3 points. That said, just 8.4 points separates first from Mick Shaw's Lukesmile in seventh.
Tuesday 26 July (including 1st Test v India)
- For the first time this season the lead hasn't changed hands. David Barker remains top, but there's now a 16-point gap between him and the new second placed team Phil's Phools, who have climbed three places.
Sunday 28 August (as at 27 August, including 4th Test v India)
- The same top three, but Jim Forrest and Phil Garrard's teams have swapped 2nd for 3rd at vice versa. David Barker's Comics now lead by nearly 23.7 points. Is it theirs to lose with three rounds of championship matches to go? One team to keep an eye on is Rob Lewis's Oval The Bars, who have moved up from 11th to fourth.
Saturday 17 September (final standings)
- The closing weeks of the season saw many changes of position, except at the top where David Barker's Comics maintained their advantage to lift the title. But Rob Lewis moved up from fourth to second and Ann Millington-Jones climbed from ninth to third. Sadly for Jim Forrest, his team, which had always been there or thereabouts, ran out of steam to claim fourth. As for me, 2011 was a vintage year - 13th place. I would certainly have settled for that at the outset.


1 David Barker The Comics 637.0
2 Rob Lewis Oval The Bars… 622.3
3 Ann Millington-Jones Ann's Allsorts 599.6
4 Jim Forrest The Forest Fires 598.1
5 Paul Blake Blakey's Eleven 587.0
6 Mick Shaw Lukesmile 581.3
7 Brian Cowley Ruislip Ramblers 580.2
8 Albert Ratcliff Bertie's Bash Hits 577.9
9 Tony Raisborough Martin Gales 570.0
10 Phil Garrard Phil's Phools 565.3
11 Bill Bateman Last Shall Be First (Hopefully) 563.9
12 Thomas Earl 111 All Out 561.9
13 Marcus Hook Depeche Modi 556.7
14 Ann Atkins Ann's Team 554.2
15 Tricia Garrard Nobagsnofagsnowine 549.4
16 Tracey Field Victoria Sponge Warriors 543.0
17 Andy Woodhouse Aine's Bright Lights 542.1
18 Leigh Jones Coaches Galore 541.4
19 Mark Smith Mountain Madness CC 541.1
20 Dave Taylor Hot Chocolates 534.4
21 Doug Minde Mixed Batch 528.3
22= Adrian Lofts World Of Sport Umbrella 524.6
22= Chris Payne Theakstons Old Peculiars 524.6
24 Chris Stoneman Banza Forever 521.6
25 Grahame Cove Rory Hamilton Lord Brown 520.8
26 Jean Galsworthy Rosebery Ramblers 520.4
27 Chris Keene O'Keeno 520.1
28 Colin Bayly Strenue Second Eleven 516.1
29 Michael Greensmith Blackway Allstars 2011 515.2
30 J Browning Ronnie Rooke Fan Club 512.3
31 Bob Parsons Ever Hopefull 511.3
32 Vic Faulkner Vic's Young Bucks 508.7
33 Dot Sharp Strictly Cricket 496.3
34 Roger Hudson The Wild Rovers 495.5
35 John Lofts John's Crackerjacks 492.6
36 Richard Budden Surrey Superstars 491.5
37 Alistair Gordon Alistair's Allsorts 489.7
38 David Pearce Dave's Specials 487.8
39 Nick Robinson Comeontyeree 482.5
40 Sarah Atkins More Hash Browns 480.8
41 Nigel Sharp Nigel's Nurdlers 478.4
42 Graham Hill Tavernier Hurricanes 467.3
43 Barry Chrysanthou-Toms The Unlucky 13 463.8
44 Mike Jackson Jacko Bunch 459.0
45 Anthony Earl ACE XI 455.5
46 Nick Wheeler Demons 445.0
47 Les Brewin Surrey Diners 422.1

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