Monday 30 April (as at 29 April) - This time last year I was ninth. I said it couldn't last and I was almost right - I ended up finishing 13th - so don't be concerned that my team has taken an early lead ...and before anyone cries "fix" here's the proof that my team was picked the day before deadline day: http://www.ovalworld-online.com/fantside2012.jpg It's a snapshot of my Twitter account.

Tuesday 22 May (as at 21 May, including the 1st Test v West Indies) - It's a case of "as you were" for the top two - yours truly and Jamie Dowling. It's a similar story for Nigel Sharp and Ann Millington-Jones, who are now fourth and sixth respectively. But the dark horses appear to be Chris Payne and Andy Woodhouse. Chris is up from sixth to third, while Andy has risen eight places to lie fifth.

Tuesday 12 June (as at 11 June, including the 3rd Test v West Indies) - No change in the top three, but a change of leader, with Jamie's Cherry Pie Chuckers overtaking Depeche Modi. The big mover has been Jean Galsworthy's Rosebery Ramblers, who have made up five places to sit fourth going into the T20 break. Richard Budden also has some cause to celebrate - his team has climbed from 15th to 8th.

Tuesday 24 July (as at 23 July, including the 1st Test v South Africa) - This time, it's a case of no change in the top four, all of whom hold their positions. Jamie's grip on top spot has tightened, though. What was a lead of 16.2 points over Depeche Modi is now a 28.7-point advantage.

Tuesday 14 August (as at 13 August) - Jamie Dowling's Cherry Pie Chuckers remain out in front. It's also case of "as you were" with my side. However, Jean Galsworthy's Rosebery Ramblers are playing with real purpose. With Jean moving up to third, Chris Payne drops to fourth. For a side on the rise, look no further than Leigh Jones's Coaches Galore, who were 30th going into the last week of May.

Saturday 1 September (as at 31 August) - With my side starting to show signs of fatigue, Rosebery Ramblers have leapfrogged Depeche Modi to go second; just 7.5 points behind the leaders, the Cherry Pie Chuckers. Also catching the eye at this critical stage is Grahame Cove's team, Jason Roy Lewis, who are up four places to number six. Meanwhile, the battle for the wooden spoon appears to be between Chris Levitt, Dave Taylor and Nick Wheeler.

Sunday 15 September (Final Standings) - Beginner's luck? Who knows? Either way, Jamie Dowling has carried off the title at the first attempt, in spite of a late push by Jean Galsworthy's team. As for my side, Depeche Modi, at least I can say it was never lower than third. Last year's winner, David Barker, finished fifth, just below another perennial high achiever, Ann Millington-Jones. Thanks to everyone who entered this year. It would seem the popularity of the OWFCL is as strong as ever.


1 Jamie Dowling The Cherry Pie Chuckers 495.9
2 Jean Galsworthy Rosebery Ramblers 479.5
3 Marcus Hook Depeche Modi 469.1
4 Ann Millington-Jones Ann's Allsorts 465.9
5 David Barker The Comics 458.9
6 Grahame Cove Jason Roy Lewis 458.5
7 Nigel Sharp Nigel's Nurdlers 456.8
8 Chris Payne Theakstons Old Peculiars 456.0
9 Leigh Jones Coaches Galore 449.9
10 Albert Ratcliff Bertie's Bash Hits 448.1
11 Richard Budden Surrey Stars 440.9
12 Paul Blake Blakey's Eleven 438.8
13 Roger Hudson The Wild Rovers 431.5
14 Bill Bateman Deflated 424.6
15 Brian Cowley Ruislip Ramblers 423.4
16 Mick Shaw Lukesmile 419.2
17 Chris Keene Keene As Mustard 418.7
18 Don Lambert Don's Donkeys 417.7
19 Rob Lewis Oval The Bars… 417.1
20 Chris Stoneman Albezanaan 2012 413.6
21 Dot Sharp Strictly Cricket 413.5
22 Andy Woodhouse Aines Blankey Boys 410.9
23 David Pearce Pears Hopefuls 407.5
24 Paul Jeater Essex Wombles 404.6
25 Mark Smith Mountain Madness CC 402.6
26 Michael Greensmith Blackway Allstars 2012 398.1
27 Jim Forrest Forrest Firecrackers 393.7
28 Nick Robinson Comeontheree 387.9
29 Tracey Field Victoria Sponge Warriors 380.4
30 Alistair Gordon Alistair's Allsorts 370.8
31 Thomas Earl 111 All Out 370.6
32 Tony Raisborough Onecanonlyhope 368.5
33 Michael Wright Almost Surrey 361.4
34 Sarah Atkins Yet More Hash Browns 360.6
35 John Flatley The Sole Judges 360.3
36 Paul Witney Sunbury Prides 356.8
37 Bob Parsons Ever Hopefuls 356.4
38 Anthony Earl ACE XI 355.7
39 Ann Atkins Ann's Team 353.2
40 John Lofts John's Crackerjacks 349.0
41 Adrian Lofts World Of Sport Umbrella 342.7
42 Nick Wheeler Demons + 1 333.1
43 Chris Levitt The Old And Young Hopefuls 327.2
44 Dave Taylor Hot Chocolates 307.3

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