Monday, 22 April (as at 21 April) - Quickest out of the traps is Anthony Earl's side, the ACE XI, closely followed by Blakey's Eleven. I was feeling rather pleased for myself until I calculated the scores. Five of my bowlers have already taken 10 wickets, yet my team (Depeche Modi) is only third. I obviously need to give my batters a stern talking to! With Chris Payne choosing not to enter a team this year, Chris Keene, who occupies 8th place, probably feels as if it's mission accomplished already!

Wednesday, 15 May (as at 14 May) - Last time, a clutch of teams were in touch with Anthony Earl. But his side has extended the gap over second spot (now held by Tricia Garrard) to 15.4 points and a massive 26.0 points to third (occupied by Tricia's hubby, Phil). The biggest mover up is Nick Wheeler, who has advanced 16 places to lie seventh, while Paul Blake and Andy Woodhouse remain in the top five.

Wednesday, 5 June (as at 4 June) - We have a new leader! Anthony Earl's ACE XI have relinquished top spot to Tricia Garrard's Nobagsnofagsnowine. Meanwhile, my side - Depeche Modi, which seems to have found a second wind - moves up from eighth to fourth. Two more teams also going in the right direction are Ron's Rippers (up from 12th to 6th) and Comeontheree, who have traded 22nd place for seventh.

Monday, 15 July (as at 14 July, includes the 1st Ashes Test) - It's been an amazing month for the ACE XI, who have retaken the lead thanks mainly to Moeen Ali and Varun Chopra's form with the bat. Also back where they started the campaign - in second place - are Blakey's Eleven, while Nobagsnofagsnowine drop to third. Churchey Tweeted remain fifth, but sandwiched between Mr & Mrs Garrard are Mr Woodhouse's Aines Blankey Boys.

Wednesday, 7 August (as at 6 August, includes the 3rd Ashes Test) - It's a case of "as you were" for the top two, but shooting up the table from seventh to third are Nick Robinson's Comeontheree, who, looking back, were 22nd halfway through May. Another side on the move are Adam Munro's Surbitonshire, who were 30th a few weeks ago. Sadly, for the likes of Jim Forrest and Chris Keene, other teams are going backwards, fast.

Sunday, 8 September (as at 7 September) - No change in the top three, although Anthony Earl has pulled away clear of Paul Blake by a further 20 points since the last update. With three rounds of LVCC matches to play it would be a huge surprise if someone other than Anthony, Paul or Nick Robinson is number one once the dust has settled on the 2013 season. David Barker, who won the title in 2011 and whose team has swapped 11th for 4th since the last set of calculations, has a decent chance of breaking into the top three, though.

Sunday, 22 September (as at 21 September) - I was right to highlight the progress made by David Barker's team, but, in all truth, it's come too late to make a difference. Barring a bizarre turn of events, Anthony Earl is poised to take the crown, courtesy of a 49-point cushion heading into the final round of matches. Although there's no prize for second place, any one of about six teams could claim this year's runners-up spot.

Sunday, 29 September (Final Standings) - Well, a few teams moved up or down one place as the finish line approached, but, in truth, Anthony Earl's lead heading into the final furlong was always going to be too much for the rest of the field to overhaul. The only time ACE XI appeared to be in trouble came in early June, when Tricia Garrard's team took charge temporarily. Not only did Anthony spend wisely on some top price picks - Moeen Ali (£1900) who scored 82.7 points and Jim Allenby (£1800) who finished up with 75.7, he also picked up a bargain in Scott Borthwick (£1200) who brought him 77.2 points. Well done, Sir - Enjoy your free year of Surrey CCC Membership! PS If Chris Payne had chosen to enter a team, I reckon there's a good chance he would have finished above Keeners!!


1 Anthony Earl ACE XI 563.1
2 Paul Blake Blakey's Eleven 517.6
3 Andy Woodhouse Aines Blankey Boys 505.8
4 Rob Lewis Oval The Bars… 499.0
5 David Barker The Comics 492.1
6 Nick Robinson Comeontheree 488.9
7 Tricia Garrard Nobagsnofagsnowine 470.4
8 Phil Garrard Churchy Tweeted 469.8
9 Alistair Gordon Alistair's Allsorts 465.6
10 Rob Mills Ron's Rippers 465.2
11 Sarah Atkins Twenty Thirteen Team 464.6
12 Tracey Field Victoria Sponge Warriors 457.9
13 Marcus Hook Depeche Modi 443.5
14 Thomas Earl 111 All Out 442.4
15 Brian Cowley Ruislip Ramblers 426.0
16 John Flatley The Sole Judges 424.8
17 Mark Smith Mountain Madness CC 424.4
18 Paul Jeater Bring Back Spriegel 423.6
19 John Gough-Cooper Glory Days 421.9
20 Ann Millington-Jones Ann's Allsorts 420.0
21 Nick Wheeler Daemons 3 417.5
22 Dot Sharp Strictly Cricket 416.7
23 Adam Munro Surbitonshire 416.2
24 Leigh Jones Coaches Galore 406.6
25 Jean Galsworthy Rosebery Ramblers 404.1
26 Chris Stoneman Albezanaan 2013 400.7
27 Rebecca Garrard Becca's Boys 400.0
28 Nigel Sharp Nigel's Nurdlers 399.2
29 Don Lambert Don's Donkeys 398.9
30 Jim Forrest Forrest Fires 391.8
31 Richard Budden Surrey Stars 391.6
32 Simon Hemsley Balham Cavaliers 388.2
33 Roger Hudson The Wild Rovers 377.3
34 Albert Ratcliff Bertie's Bash Hits 372.0
35 Mick Shaw Lukesmile 366.2
36 Chris Keene Keene As Mustard 358.7
37 Ann Atkins I Don't Know Why I'm Bothering 338.8

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