Thursday, 8th May - Last year's winner Anthony Earl has started strongly, but not as strongly as Chris Stoneman, who leads by a slender 0.5 of a point. Paul Blake, who finished runner-up in 2013, takes up fourth place, flanked by two managers who struggled last term. Chris Keene and Mick Shaw ended last season in the bottom three. Now they're in the top five. What a turnaround!

Friday, 30th May - Keeners takes over at the top of the league, but sits a mere 2.2 points ahead of Anthony Earl, who drops down one. The jockeying for third place looks interesting, with just 6.3 points separating Andy Woodhouse (who, if the season ended today, would claim bronze) and Albert Ratcliff's team, Bertie's Bash Hits, in ninth. The form side? Well, that might just be Rob Lewis's Oval The Bars who have moved up from 14th to occupy 7th spot.

Friday, 20th June (includes England v Sri Lanka, 1st Test) - Keene As Mustard has kicked on like a thoroughbred to lead by 18.5 points at the halfway stage. Also creating a cushion between themselves and the chasing pack are The Cherry Pie Chuckers and Bertie's Bash Hits, who move up from 6th to 2nd and 9th to 3rd respectively; while Surrey Lion appear to have made fourth spot their own.

Friday, 4th July (includes England v Sri Lanka, 2nd Test) - Chris Keene remains out in front, but now there's just 1.9 points between him and Jamie Dowling in second. The battle for third is currently being headed by Mick Shaw, who moves up one place, closely followed by Andy Woodhouse, who has advanced by three, and Albert Ratcliff, who has slipped a couple of notches to fifth.

Friday, 25th July (includes England v India, 2nd Test) - After a steady start to the campaign, Jamie Dowling's team, The Cherry Pie Chuckers have risen to the summit and now hold a lead of 10.1 points. Keene As Mustard drops one place to second and Bertie's Bash Hits move up two be claim third. In terms of teams putting in a charge, Jean Galsworthy's Rosebery Ramblers have swapped 16th for 11th. But, realistically, the winner will come from the top six. So, Andy Woodhouse, Mick Shaw and Rob Lewis appear to be the dark horses.

Friday, 19th September (includes England v India, 5th Test) - Having said keep an eye on the top six, the same sextet remain at the head of the table. However, it now looks as if it is Albert Ratcliff's Bertie's Bash Hits title to lose. The only realistic challenger is Jamie Dowling, who trails by 17 points in second place with one round of championship matches to play. Bubbling under it's the battle of the Supporters' Club committee with Adam Munro occupying ninth, Simon Hemsley tenth, yours truly in eleventh and Jean Galsworthy twelfth.

Final Standings - We have a new winner! Albert Ratcliff, whose previous best finish was 8th. Furthermore, Albert's title comes after ending up 34th out of 37 last year; which will be encouragement to us all. Jamie Dowling was always there or thereabouts, Andy Woodhouse sneaked in at the death to claim third and Rob Lewis grabbed fourth. Chris Keene's team held a top three spot all season, apart from when it mattered, at the end, and Simon Hemsley won the battle of the committee members. But congratulations again to Bertie's Bash Hits, who have paid for their manager's Surrey membership for next season.


1 Albert Ratcliff Bertie's Bash Hits 569.9
2 Jamie Dowling The Cherry Pie Chuckers 558.4
3 Andy Woodhouse Hereford United… Bullieve 513.2
4 Rob Lewis Oval The Bars… 512.7
5 Chris Keene Keene As Mustard 510.2
6 Mick Shaw Surrey Lion 503.8
7 Simon Hemsley Balham Cavaliers 503.6
8 Brian Cowley Ruislip Ramblers 500.2
9 Laura Evemy Laura's Lads 490.5
10 Jean Galsworthy Rosebery Ramblers 490.4
11 Paul Blake Blakey's Eleven 489.0
12 Chris Stoneman Albezanaan 2014 486.2
13 Marcus Hook Depeche Modi 482.9
14 Adam Munro Surbitonshire 482.4
15 John Gough-Cooper Third Time Lucky 475.0
16 Anthony Earl ACE XI 474.6
17 Colin Bayly Summertime Heroes 459.0
18 John Vine The Halibuts 457.8
19 Phil Garrard Phil's Phlops 457.1
20 Don Lambert Don's Donkeys 455.7
21 Thomas Earl MMXIV 454.8
22 Leigh Jones Coaches Galore 454.7
23 Roger Hudson The Wild Rovers 444.7
24 David Barker The Comics 440.7
25 Victoria Earl The IC Eleven 439.1
26 Tracey Field Victoria Sponge Warriors 436.4
27 Nick Robinson Comeontheree 433.0
28 Nick Wheeler Demons4 424.5
29 Jim Forrest Forrest Fires 411.9
30 Alistair Gordon (Almost) Surrey Free XI 410.7
31 Mark Smith Tumper's XI 404.8
32 Paul Jeater Bring Back Spriegel 360.1
33 Richard Budden Surrey Starters 355.5
34 Rebecca Garrard Becca's Boys 352.5

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