Wednesday, 27th May (includes England v New Zealand, 1st Test) - The scores are out and Rob Lewis has romped into the lead, with an 18.6 point advantage on the rest of the field. Rob, who has finished fourth in each of the last two summers, owes some of his early season success to being only one of three managers to have done what Andrew Strauss will never do - select Kevin Pietersen. Meanwhile, Paul Blake in second and Andy Woodhouse (winner in 2006, 2007 and 2009) in third both have Durham's Chris Rushworth and Kent's Darren Stevens setting the tone.

Thursday, 4th June (includes England v New Zealand, 2nd Test) - For the top four it's a case of "as you were", but Brian Cowley has edged Mark Smith out of fifth spot thanks, in part, to Rob Newton's 107 for Northants' against Glamorgan. Yours truly has swapped ninth for seventh. But, before any of us in the chasing pack pat ourselves on the back, it's worth noting that just 18 points separates 16th from 5th. So, there's still everything to play for with nearly two thirds of the (County Championship) season left to savour.

Wednesday, 10th June - Andy Woodhouse's Aines Koala Ducks are on the move, up to second and now just 9.8 points shy of Rob Lewis's Surrey-by-Sea, who remain top of the pile. Victoria Earl's IC XI appears in the top five for the first time this season and Mick Shaw's Surrey Lion are making gradual, but assured progress. Again, there's a bunch of sides (8th to 14th) lying in wait, but with just nine points separating them it's high time the waiting was over. After all, he who hesitates is lost.

Thursday, 25th June - Not much change from last time, apart from the fact that it's starting to look like a two-horse race between Rob Lewis and Andy Woodhouse. Paul Blake would appear to have made third place his own were it not for Victoria Earl creeping into contention. Yours truly has had a good couple of weeks. I'm now back up to 7th from 11th, but the only way I'll be challenging for the title is if Will Gidman wakes up one morning and remembers he's a 40-50 wicket a season bowler.

Thursday, 9th July - Although it remains a two-horse race, Aines Koala Ducks haven't given up hope of catching Surrey-by-Sea, who may not see much more of Kevin Pietersen. But Andy Woodhouse's side will need to start reducing the 18.5 point gap pretty soon. Looking at the two squads, one suspects Ansari and Shahzad are Rob Lewis's key players from here on in. There's also a three-way battle for third spot going on, with Colin Bayly's Nuts For KP entering the top five for the first time this season, due, in no small way, to the resurgence of Jonny Bairstow, who has hit a double century and a hundred in Yorkshire's last two championship outings.

Saturday, 25th July (includes England v Australia, 2nd Test) - A two-horse race it remains, but Victoria Earl's IC XI, up one place to third, are starting to make their move and, from the chasing pack, Gary Saxby's @Gazsax are catching the eye for the first time. Having said all that, the biggest positive, in terms of points movement since July 9, is Paul Blake's Blakey's Eleven. Would it be churlish to point out that last year's winner, Albert Ratcliff's Bertie's Bash Hits are currently propping up the table?

Monday, 10th August (includes England v Australia, 4th Test) - For the top three, it's a case of as you were. Brian Cowley leapfrogs Paul Blake to move into fourth, but the two teams on the charge are Adam Munro's Surbitonshire (up from 10th to 6th) and Mick Shaw's Surrey Lion, who are not only up from 12th to 7th, but have also enjoyed the biggest points movement since July 25. Question is, have they left it too late?

Monday, 24th August (includes England v Australia, 5rd Test) - Looking at the big movers first, Nick Blyth has made up 45 points since 10th August and Chris Keene 42. First and second placed Rob Lewis and Andy Woodhouse added just 23 and 27. A similar boost in the next fortnight could therefore see Nick challenge the leaders, alas Keene As Mustard appear to have left their push too late. Mick Shaw has always been there or thereabouts, though, plus Paul Blake and Victoria Earl's sides look handily placed. Could we yet see someone snatch victory come the finishing tape?

Saturday, 12th September - Prepare the throne. The fantasy league appears to be Rob Lewis's Surrey-by-Sea's to lose. After dissing his team last time (for adding a meagre 23 points between Stages 7 and 8), Rob's charges showed their class by amassing a further 79 points - the most gained by any team between Stages 8 and 9. Nick Blyth's Basil Brushers picked up 76 in moving up from sixth place to third, while Andy Woodhouse holds on to second, 18 points ahead of Nick, but a hefty 31 shy of reeling in Rob. It's also a case of how you were for Victoria Earl (in fourth) and Mick Shaw (fifth), but with his side swapping 11th for 6th Gary Saxby must now be eyeing up a top four finish.

Final Standings - Despite strong finishes to the season for Mick Shaw (3rd) and Adam Munro (5th), nobody could touch the top two, Rob Lewis and Andy Woodhouse. And, significantly, no one could reel in Rob Lewis, who led the fantasy league from start to finish; at no point being less than 9.8 points ahead of his nearest challenger, who, initially, was Paul Blake, but for the most part Mr Woodhouse. So, congratulations Rob. Thelston will be in touch about paying for your Surrey membership in 2016!


1 Rob Lewis Surrey-by-Sea 634.7
2 Andy Woodhouse Aines Koala Ducks 609.3
3 Mick Shaw Surrey Lion 587.7
4 Nick Blyth Basil Brushers 580.4
5 Adam Munro Surbitonshire 577.4
6 Victoria Earl IC XI 577.1
7 Gary Saxby @Gazsax 572.0
8 Paul Blake Blakey's Eleven 564.8
9 Brian Cowley Ruislip Ramblers 559.1
10 Hanna Frostman Duck And Cover 557.1
11 Chris Keene Keene As Mustard 555.7
12 Roger Hudson The Wild Rovers 549.2
13 Marcus Hook Sorrento Sunshine XI 545.4
14 Jamie Dowling Cherry Pie Chuckers 543.8
15 Colin Bayly Nuts For KP 540.8
16 David Barker The Comics 531.9
17 Simon Hemsley Streatham Hillbillies 515.0
18 Thomas Earl Blockers XI 508.6
19 Nick Wheeler Danemore 505.5
20 Phil Garrard Oh Go On Then! 504.9
21 Alistair Gordon Cricketman's Squad 503.9
22 Jean Galsworthy Rosebery Ramblers 499.9
23 Mark Smith Mountain Madness CC 495.7
24 Paul Jeater No Quick Singles 493.3
25 Jim Forrest Forrest Fires 491.1
26 Anthony Earl ACE XI 486.2
27 Chris Stoneman Albezanaan 2015 483.1
28 Richard Budden Surrey Stars 471.3
29 Nick Robinson Comeontheree 467.3
30 Tracey Field Tea Stopped Play 467.2
31 Rebecca Garrard Becca's Buff Boys 459.0
32 Martin Searle Mrs Minghella's XI 457.6
33 Albert Ratcliff Bertie's Bash Hits 439.2
34 Tony Constantino Porkrind CC 421.3
35 Donald Rosendale I Beg Your Pardon 408.1

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