Thursday, 28th April - They're off and running and, a furlong into the race, we have Nick Blyth out in front, closely followed by Brian Cowley; both of whom have pulled out an eight-point gap over newcomer Luke Robison, in third, and last year's winner Rob Lewis in fourth. The only player all four of the leading quartet have gone for this season is Ben Foakes. But guess how many selectors had the foresight to pick the current top-scorer, Graham Napier? That's right, not a single one!

Thursday, 12th May - Nick Blyth and Brian Cowley remain first and second, but now Andy Woodhouse has forced his way into the reckoning thanks to the consistency, with the ball, of Yorkshire's Jack Brooks. The selector who has gained the most ground, in terms of points, is Don Rosendale (68.9 since 28th April). But, just below Don's Glad All Over there are 10 teams separated by as many points.

Thursday, 26th May (includes England v Sri Lanka, 1st Test) - Basil Brushers are still sitting on pole, after scoring more points since the scores were last calculated than all but one of the other 31 teams. Only Alistair Gordon's Cricketman's Squad (79.2) collected more in the process of trading 18th position for eighth. Glad All Over, who are now on the provisional podium, came close to matching the leaders' 77.6, as did Ruislip Ramblers, who remain second. Unfortunately, for Comeontheree, most of Nick Robinson's players appear to have gone out in support of the Southern Trains / RMT conductors' strike.

Friday, 1st July (includes England v Sri Lanka, 3rd Test) - For the top two, it's a case of how you were at the halfway stage. Below them, Chris Eades has moved into third place and Luke Robison is also up one position to fourth. But then come a chasing pack of five teams separated by just nine points, headed by Albert Ratcliff's Bertie's Bash Hits who have garnered the most points since 26th May - 90.5 to be exact. Robison Royals (87.5) took the silver medal in that regard and Simon Hemsley's Streathamshire CCC (83.8) the bronze.

Wednesday, 20th July (includes England v Pakistan, 1st Test) - It remains Nick Blyth 1st, Brian Cowley 2nd, Chris Eades 3rd and Luke Robison 4th, but up from seventh to fifth comes Jean Galsworthy; closely followed by Alistair Gordon, whose team has also risen two notches in the standings. But the most significant improvement since 1st July in terms of points is Nick Blyth's Basil Brushers (79.8), who now have a 15.4-point advantage at the top of the table and are a massive 43.7 points ahead of the provisional bronze medalists - Chris Eades's Antares. In short, it's shaping into a two-horse race.

Monday, 8th August (includes England v Pakistan, 3th Test) - Not only does it continue to look like a two-horse race between Nick Blyth and Brian Cowley, there's also a two-way battle for third, which Luke Robison is currently winning. Fifth spot is still very much up for grabs, with the teams in fifth and ninth separated by just 10.2 points. Coincidentally, an Earl tops as well as tails the mini league of points scored since 20th July - Victoria Earl notching up 56.3, but, alas, Thomas Earl only mustering 23.5.

Saturday, 27th August (includes England v Pakistan, 4th Test) - Given there is now a 62.9 point chasm between first place and third, only Ruislip Ramblers are in any position to reel in Basil Brushers. Both were in the top three of the split between 8th and 27th August, with my side, Sorrento Sunshine XI, being the other, which has resulted in yours truly swapping 11th for 7th. However, you'll notice there's a bigger gap between 6th and 7th than there is between Robsion Royals in sixth and Cricketman's Squad in third.

Saturday, 10th September - The biggest development since last time is Luke Robison (now 3rd) and Alistair Gordon (6th) swapping places. Other than that, the top seven are all as you were. A look at the sector scores reveals that Donald Rosendale, Andy Woodhouse, Luke Robison and Chris Keene (in that order) are all on a hot streak, while Victoria Earl, Paul Trumble and Paul Jeater's teams appear to have run out of steam.

Final Standings - Okay, so the climax to the Oval World Fantasy League may not have been in quite the same league as the culmination of the County Championship, nevertheless one can only marvel at Nick Blyth's dominance of this year's competition. Brian Cowley was a consistent challenger, without it ever really looking as if his side would reel in Nick's Basil Brushers, while Luke Robison won bronze at the first attempt; just pipping Jean Galsworthy, who finished fourth. With yours truly taking fifth - albeit a pretty distant one - the Surrey CCC Supporters' Club committee had two representatives in the top five.


1 Nick Blyth Basil Brushers 657.8
2 Brian Cowley Ruislip Ramblers 628.4
3 Luke Robison Robison Royals 621.9
4 Jean Galsworthy Rosebery Ramblers 621.2
5 Marcus Hook Sorrento Sunshine XI 590.3
6 Alistair Gordon Cricketman's Squad 588.1
7 Albert Ratcliff Bertie's Bash Hits 580.7
8 Donald Rosendale Glad All Over 579.0
9 Andy Woodhouse Aines Cricket Bat Boys 578.8
10 Chris Eades Antares 566.6
11 Jamie Dowling Cherry Pie Chuckers 553.9
12 Phil and Becca Garrard Black And White Trifles 546.8
13 Tracey Field Tea & Cake Stopped Play 545.4
14 Chris Keene Keene As Mustard 542.9
15 Tim Redman Redders Rangers 538.0
16 Simon Hemsley Streathamshire CCC 536.4
17 Hanna Frostman Mustard And Onions 536.4
18 Richard Budden Surrey Stars 523.0
19 Rob Lewis Surrey-by-Sea 514.2
20 Paul Trumble Cream Of The Crease 508.4
21 Doug Minde 50% Surrey 500.8
22 Thomas Earl Blockers XI 499.4
23 Anthony Earl ACE XI 497.7
24 Victoria Earl IC XI 497.4
25 Paul Blake Blakey's Eleven 492.8
26 Adam Munro Beddingtonshire 478.0
27 Colin Bayly Surbiton's Cow Corner 474.0
28 Paul Jeater No Quick Singles 460.5
29 Mike Jackson Jacko's Greatest 459.1
30 Mark Smith Mountain Madness CC 454.9
31 Christopher Munro FFCSCCC 443.5
32 Nick Robinson Comeontheree 432.2

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