Monday, 2 May - With four rounds of Champo matches done and dusted, leading the pack are Fred Rowe (177.6), Chris Keene (166.8) and Anthony Earl (165.9). Even though none of that trio picked Keith Barker, the Hampshire all-rounder is the highest-scoring player with 27.2 points, followed by Surrey's Jordan Clark (24.9), Sussex slipper Tom Haines (23.3) and this season's surprise package (so far) Kent's Ben Compton (22.8).

Monday, 9 May - The top three in the OWFCL are as you were, but up from 9th place to 4th, in the space of just a week, is Luke Robison. Roderick Easdale (who was 19th, but is now 11th) is another whose fortunes have perked up. In terms of the best players to have in your team, the revised top three are Surrey's Jordan Clark (30.0), with Durham's Sean Dickson and Hampshire's Keith Barker sharing second spot (29.2).

Monday, 23 May - The most significant change since the last update is Andy Woodhouse (up from eighth) joining Fred Rowe and Chris Keene in the top three. Marc Percival is up from sixth to fourth, while Richard Budden's Surrey Stars (up from 17th to 11th) have started to get their act together at last. Durham's Matty Potts (38.0 points) is now the leading individual player after taking 17 wickets in the last two rounds of matches. Hot on his heels are Keith Barker (36.6), Ben Compton (35.5), Middlesex's Toby Roland-Jones (35.0) and Yorkshire's Harry Brook (34.6).

Thursday, 16 June - This season's early leader, Fred Rowe, has surrendered top spot to Chris Keene, who had been tracking him in second place. Andy Woodhouse also moves up one. Marc Percival stays fourth, but Richard Budden (who was 11th) now boasts top five billing. Matty Potts (48.7) remains the highest scoring individual player, thanks to some impressive performances with the ball since stepping on to the international stage. 

Friday, 15 July - With Andy Woodhouse moving up a further place, we have another change of leader; while Chris Keene, who had been out in front, drops to fourth. But, more significant, perhaps, are Simon Hemsley and Luke Robison swapping 6th and 7th for second and third. Fred Rowe, who started the season better than anyone, completes the top five with just over 60% of the 2022 championship schedule now in the book. 

Saturday, 30 July - For the third update in a row we have a different leader, with Simon Hemsley and Andy Woodhouse swapping places. Also, there's now some daylight between the top two and third spot, still occupied by Luke Robison. Paul Blake is the biggest upwards mover (from 17th to 9th). There's just a quarter of this summer's Champo left to come, but, sadly, we now face a five and a half week wait before we'll discover what further twists and turns lie ahead.

Friday, 16 September - The first conkers are on the ground, which can only mean one thing - it's time for the championship run-in. With two rounds of games left to go, Simon Hemsley now has a 10-point advantage at the head of affairs, with Andy Woodhouse and Luke Robison leading the chasing pack. The most significant "mover" since the last update is Roderick Easdale, who has traded 14th for 6th.

Final Standings (Friday, 30 September) - Simon Hemsley wins the Oval World fantasy for the first time, finishing the campaign with a 16-point lead over Andy Woodhouse, who, over the years, invariably seems to be there and thereabouts. So what was Simon's secret? Perhaps he conducted a High-Performance Review ahead of the season. He's had plenty to say about the ECB's, which many would argue is focused more on The Hundred than making England the best team in world cricket. Simon racked up 510.2 points, but the optimal XI would have scored 708.7. Here it is - Batters: RI Keogh (Nor), WL Madsen (Der), KK Jennings (Lan) and SA Northeast (Gla). Wicketkeeper: JA Simpson (Mid). Batting All-Rounders: KHD Barker (Ham) and AK Dal (Der). Bowling All-Rounder: MJ Potts (Dur). Bowlers: TS Roland-Jones (Mid), SJ Cook (Ess) and OJ Hannon-Dalby (War) + 3 low-cost make-weights. Thanks to everyone who entered a team. The fantasy will be back in 2023 if the County Championship is still a thing in six months' time.


1 Simon Hemsley South London Visigoths 510.2
2 Andy Woodhouse Mr Rogers Neighbourhood XI 494.1
3 Luke Robison Alcuin CC 490.8
4 Roderick Easdale By Hook Or By Cook 483.7
5 Fred Rowe Sorted For Lees And Whizz 481.1
6 Chris Keene Keene As Mustard 475.1
7 Paul Blake Blakeys 474.2
8 Marcus Hook Sorrento Sunshine XI 468.8
9 Marc Percival Marcís Magicians 466.0
10 Stuart Watson Never Mind The Pollock 465.5
11 Richard Budden Surrey Stars 464.4
12 Anthony Earl ACE 14 462.5
13 Adam Munro Got The Runs, Again 450.8
14 Chris Eades Polycom 447.8
15 David Keeley Keeley's Sloggers 447.0
16 Don Rosendale The Bats Team 446.2
17 Alistair Gordon Cricketman's Squad 440.7
18 Rhys Benjamin The Batty Boys 432.5
19 Tom Earl Moores The Pity 426.3
20 Harry Rowe Calypso Collapso 423.8
21 Anthony Vidler The Purley Pinch Hitters 415.2
22 Ray Armfield Who's Surrey Now 410.7
23 Fred Sworder Swordershire Casuals 410.5
24 Will Summerlin Tom Harrison's Brewery P*ss Up 394.2
25 Tracey Field Tea Stops Play 384.8
26 Alex Easdale The Muyeyeyes 359.4
27 Keith Burley Royal Berks 319.6

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